Rigby Youth Sports Flag Football plays 7 on 7. In our Kinder and 1st grade leagues the coach will be the quarterback at all times so on offense there will be 8 on the field.
Laterals and Pitches are allowed (all grades)
-Stiff arming is allowed but must be done above the waist/flag area and cannot be to the face. Any stiff arming down in the flag area/face will be called a flag guarding and the ball will be down at the spot of the foul. (2nd grade and up)
-No Blocking. Blocking is defined as any interference with the defense. (all grades)
-If the defense rushes then the quarterback is live and can run. (2nd grade and up)
-4th grade and up: Defense is allowed to jam on the line of scrimmage. (4th grade and up)